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Scenic & Themed Attractions

We have learnt from the best in the world, and we have made for the best in the world. We have brought film to reality, cartoons to life and an unprecedented world of delight to the millions of visitors and passengers our customers receive. Our engineers, artists and technicians spend their lives letting imagination run free into the light and for you to touch.

Do you want your guests to be transported to the bottom of the sea in a ruined submarine, or wander carefully through a mangrove swamp startled by wild animals? Come to life on a pirate ship, or live the life of a Cornish tin miner in the 1900’s? Our teams delight in assailing all your guests senses, bringing all the world to their door, in their reality.

We delight in them doing it to your schedule, on time, on budget, their goal is that the only thing they exceed is your expectation.

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