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Dotto Road Trains

In addition to our range of bespoke rail based trains and trams we are also able to supply an extensive selection of Road Trains, courtesy of our relationship with Dotto Trains.

In 1962, Ivo Dotto invented his ‘Road Trains’ to allow people to enjoy old towns and parks in complete freedom. The family have been manufacturing Dotto Trains ever since and with their self steering carriages have become the Rolls Royce of their kind.

With high technology and innovation mixed with the ability to personalise and theme both trains and carriages, Dotto Road Trains provide unique passenger travel that delights both the customer and the operator. Smooth efficient operation is ensured beyond the sale with our ability to supply spares, accessories, all the way through to service contracts and repair.

For more information on Dotto and Dotto Road Trains, visit www.dottotrains.com

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