June 2014 

"Osteetherme" resort Scharbeutz, Germany 

During November and December 2013 UK Loco Ltd were tasked with re-theming a pool area at the stylish and popular resort "Osteetherme" in Scharbeutz on the Baltic Coast in Germany.

The theme was "Baltic Nostagia", UK Loco designed, fabricated and installed various elements to create an old Baltic harbour, supplying a harbour crane, containers, a tanker,Baltic building facades and a large Baltic Trawler.

The Trawler is fitted with hidden interactive "water squirt buttons" that when discovered and pressed squirt water at unsuspecting and surprised guests, also fitted are guest operated water cannons which are great fun for children and grownups.

In addition to the themed UK Loco harbour area is a "Baltic coastline" themed pool area, created using decorative rock work installed by AAB.

These two new themed areas are proving very popular with guests at the Osteetherme